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DigitalCook Helpdesk: We are always at your call.

DigitalCook lyon has brought to you a rapid and efficient Helpdesk service. We are always ready to assist our clients with their business.

Whether it was upgrades, updates, or maintenance tasks, the DigitalCook team will always find a solution to any unexpected issue. Moreover, we are ready to help in case you face any hardware, software, or system complication.

Our Lyon Helpdesk team is highly qualified, passionate, and practices good communication skills. These are the main characteristics of every IT support technician in DigitalCook. The Helpdesk personnel in DigitalCook; Will quickly answer your concerns regarding IT issues and support your IT System in case it goes down. Moreover, our end-user support technician will monitor your hardware equipment (Printers, Servers, Monitor, Hard drive) and maintain an inventory of license users. DigitalCook team will Assist and supervise new users, upgrade your PC’s software, provide desktop support, and supervise upgrades per request.

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Helpdesk Support: A Solid Back Up To Your Business

Helpdesk is an essential service provided by Digitalcook Lyon. As an IT Support company, our end-user support technician will contact you to answer all your IT questions and concerns.

While facing IT issues, whether troubleshooting a printer or upgrading your PC’s system, a Helpdesk service is your first and immediate resort. The very nature of Helpdesk service requires vast knowledge and rapid reaction. Hence, Digitalcook lyon recruits highly qualified and professional personnel to help solve issues and minimize risks.

Our end-user support technician will provide a precise and accurate diagnosis yet rapid and efficient solutions.

Every Helpdesk personnel must acquire general knowledge in computer systems and repair as well as network management. They should have quick-thinking nature against issues as they arise and awareness of information security.

Resorting to a Helpdesk service can boost your business with qualified support. An IT support technician will expand your software capacities, which can enhance your services and upgrade your market.

The American Express has reported that 6 in 10 U.S. consumers prefer resorting to websites to solve their IT issues. Therefore, it is beneficial to obtain guides, tutorials, and FAQs on your website to assist your clients and boost your performance.

Helpdesk services assist your employees in being more efficient during their task. With the right software, sharing information and conducting missions will be more comfortable. In other words, providing end-user support will help your staff discover efficient ways to accomplish their tasks.

The helpdesk team in DegitalCook Lyon is ready to minimize risks and solve IT issues. Our end-user support technician can help you tackle the root of the issue. Instead of dealing only with the surface of the problem, Helpdesk service will eliminate the real issue.

DigitalCook Helpdesk Software: We Offer Modern Solutions for Today's Issues

Helpdesk software services are personalized, and they are conducted according to your business needs. We offer a variety of choices that will provide you with freedom of action in your business. As your business grows, your tools must evolve as well. Therefore hiring Helpdesk Software is essential.

Helpdesk Software allows you to collect customers’ messages from different channels and stay updated to your business orientation. DigitalCook lyon team will assign the right software that can boost your performance and productivity, reduce manual tasks and improve communication among your staff and with your customers.
Here is why you definitely need a Helpdesk software service in your company:

  • Interesting communication tools: emails are boring and less efficient, so you need better software to organize your priorities and communicate faster and better.
  • If you are still using calendar reminders and sticky notes to organize your tasks, then you are missing a lot. With the right Helpdesk software service, you will be introduced to the right software that will help you select essential tickets.
  • Helpdesk software can suggest tools to track your customers’ satisfaction, resolution time, as well as monitoring your staff performance.

DigitalCook assists you with several Helpdesk software that can boost your business, such as Email support, Knowledge base, Community forums, Reporting and analytics, and SLA/SLO management.

end-user support technician in DigitalCook can provide the following features:
Support analytics
Integration and customization
Automation rules and ticket routing
Multichannel support

DigitalCook in Lyon: Attractive, competitive and full of opportunities

As the 5th highest regional GDP in Europe, Lyon stands as a significant economic force and a potential entrepreneurial power. It offers an attractive environment and provides a convenient atmosphere for companies. Therefore, Lyon is home to more than 40,000 companies, 1800 of which are foreign. It creates the perfect atmosphere for start-ups and young talents. Moreover, 12.5% of all French exports come from Lyon, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. It is worth noting that more than two-thirds (64.3%) in Lyon are linked to the EU, which is a broad and robust market.

Many investors consider Lyon as the second business hub in France after Paris. Therefore, Digitalcook makes sure to cover the region with multiple services, especially in IT support and Helpdesk Service. Lyon thrives in innovation. It is considered one of the European top 10 most innovative cities, and it sits among the 20 best cities in the world in innovation. As an international center of innovation, many companies in Lyon contributed to the tech industry in general, especially IT Support

According to the EUropean Digital City Index, Lyon is among the top cities in digital infrastructure. It was appointed as a ‘Métropole French Tech,’ and it has become a pole for entrepreneurs.

DigitalCook notices the strategic location of the city that makes it not only a financial hub but also a getaway to the international market. This allows business owners to deploy their activities on a European level. With a perfect environment for start-ups and companies of all fields, IT services, ticket management, and Helpdesk are cornerstones and essential services. Therefore, we have recruited our team to thrive with the vast opportunities in Lyon.

DigitalCook, your IT company in Lyon, puts between your hands different IT Services. Our team is Rapid and highly qualified, with one mention to assist you and solve your IT issues.

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