Who are we ?

Our Vision: If you invest in innovation, you harvest prosperity

DigitalCook team is always accurate and precise to your requests to identify your needs and understand your challenges.
We will know how to find the most effective solutions that meet your priorities and requirements.
For better management of your IT infrastructure, we recommend personalised and practical solutions.
We put our expertise at your service to guarantee the performance of your information system.
DigitalCook is located in one of the most innovative countries in Europe, which reflects on our services and choices.
We offer you monitoring of your servers’ activity, securing your network, and protecting your data, as well as regular site visits to carry out the necessary maintenance work and adjustments.


DigitalCook Professional team

● Punctuality and integrity:
DigitalCook team will finalise its missions according to the fixed schedule and the exact terms we agreed on.

● No hierarchy:
We are a family where everyone is equal. Team Work is the key to thrive.

● Passion:
DigitalCook team is passionate about what it does. We understand the influence of our services, and we provide them with respect and compassion.

● Transparency:
We are open and honest with each other and with our clients. You know what they say, “Honesty is the best policy.”


Monitors the service’s progress, optimises the service and coordinates our company’s consultants, clients, and internal services.


We put a quality team at your service to continuously improve our skills and reach your expectations.


Since your satisfaction is our goal, our delivery manager follows the service’s progress, optimises it, and coordinates between consultants, customers, and our company’s internal services.


The development of our employees is the key to our success. Therefore, DigitalCook keeps its staff well trained and informed about the latest changes in the field.