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DigitalCook is your partner in IT support and outsourcing in Nice and Sophia Antipolis. We assist you with the digital transformation of your company and with the integration of new technologies, to improve the competitiveness of your organization.
DigitalCook offers you proximity management of your infrastructure, through both, high-performance and highly personalized IT consulting services.

We rely on our experience in these two areas of expertise, which have shaped our success:

We rely on our experience in these two areas of expertise, which have shaped our success:
Managed services: The capability of an organization to maintain and oversee your infrastructure.
Help Desk: We offer high-quality IT helpdesk and remote network monitoring services – every hour of every day.
By combining know-how, proximity, and new technologies, DigitalCook helps you meet all challenges.

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IT Support services, a vital challenge for the city of Nice.

Nice or “Nissa la Bella” is the fifth-largest city in France as its inhabitants call it. The capital of the French Riviera is an important economic hub of France. Since its inception, it has acted as a magnet, attracting people from all over the world. The upper class from England contributed significantly to the city’s economic development and even gave its name to the city’s most emblematic avenue, the “English Promenade.”

Today, the city still attracts as many nationalities and internationally renowned economic actors.

Over time the city of Nice has become a significant economic hub in France. The creation of centers such as Acropolis, located in Nice’s heart, has dramatically developed business tourism in the city in recent decades.

These companies are now facing an increasingly competitive and ambitious economic environment. As a result, they face significant strategic challenges facing all companies today; outsourcing their information system and tracking their infrastructure via IT support.

Information System and IT support, a nerve center of companies.

The IS (information system) of companies is today a nerve center of companies. The slightest failure in a company outsourcing can have a significant harmful impact on their business and quickly put them at risk.

Consequently, to respond to this complicated difficulty, The city of Nice is now home to increasingly IT and digital service companies (ESN) and IT support service and engineering companies (SSII), offering various IT services responding on-demand in the digital transformation of the city.

Ranging from IT support to the helpdesk, to “GLPI” ticket management, and to the latest technologies for accessing remote “Any Desk” workstations, these services have become essential to all companies, whatever nature, of their activities.

Aware of these economic and strategic issues, DigitalCook has set up in the Alpes-Maritimes a Managed services and IT support at all levels.Our active organizational methods’ expertise provides you with an efficient technical administration for your information system and all your IT infrastructures.

By implementing an audit and an iterative process for monitoring and supervising your equipment, our teams anticipate, analyze and detect any dysfunction and irregularities that could affect the competitiveness and the smooth running of your activities.

DigitalCook maintenance technicians are trained to intervene at any time to resolve the various problems encountered in your IS and thus provide you with an optimal performance IT support service.

Sophia Antipolis: a pool of IT support service companies

In Sophia Antipolis, geographically located further west of Nice, we witnessed the birth of the largest technopolis in France and Europe. Indeed, this city is now home to the world’s largest IT and engineering companies. It is to Europe what Silicon Valley is to the United States.

In fact, for several decades, the largest multinationals have settled there, which has created a unique space for sharing, knowledge, and experience.
Actually, in this fertile environment, the city has seen many start-ups such as IT services companies grow within it.

No wonder the most talented IT support technicians now come to Sophia Antipolis from all over the world, bringing their expertise in IT support, and other IT services, to digital service companies.

To meet the demand for data storage and the growing number of companies in Sophia Antipolis and Nice, many data centers have been established in the city, thus responding to one of the major challenges of our time, which is large data.
Data storage and its processing and archiving have become vital productivity issues for all companies around the world over the years.

At DigitalCook, we are convinced that the outsourcing of your data and their security require close support and personalized follow-up.

For this reason, we have chosen to set up level 1, 2, and 3 IT support in Nice and Sophia Antipolis, based on proximity to our customers, to be better able to deal with each of them. Them according to their needs and their strategic objectives.

We have also established a Help Desk service focused on companies and their specificities to support them at all times and allow optimal management of their servers through our IT support.

DigitalCook à Nice et Sophia Antipolis

C’est dans ce contexte favorable à l’innovation et aux start-up, que nous avons choisi de collaborer avec de nombreux acteurs majeurs des villes de Nice et de Sophia Antipolis dans le cadre de leur transformation digitale, et ceci en fournissant tout notre savoir-faire en infogérance et en support informatique.

De part ces partenariats, DigitalCook fournit aux sociétés toute son expertise et son expérience dans le domaine des services informatiques et numériques.

Chez DigitalCook, nous sommes conscients des enjeux économiques et stratégiques que représentent la transformation digitale sur les activités de nos clients.

C’est pour cette raison que depuis sa création, DigitalCook s’engage à offrir un service personnalisé et dynamique à chacun de ses clients, afin de vous accompagner vers l’atteinte de vos objectifs, et de construire ensemble les entreprises de demain.

DigitalCook in Nice and Sophia Antipolis

In this context, it is favorable to the innovation and start-ups that we have chosen to collaborate with many vital players in Nice and Sophia Antipolis’s cities as part of their digital transformation, and this by providing all our know-how in outsourcing and IT support.

Through these partnerships, DigitalCook provides companies with expertise and experience in IT and digital services.

In fact, at DigitalCook, we are aware of the economic and strategic challenges represented by the digital transformation of our clients’ activities.

For this reason, DigitalCook has been committed to offering personalized and dynamic service to its customers since its creation to support you in reaching your objectives and building together with tomorrow’s companies.

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