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DigitalCook is an IT service provider available in Avignon. At DigitalCook Avignon, we make sure to provide you with any IT service your company may need. Our IT services vary from network management to computer maintenance. As a successful IT service provider, DigitalCook Avignon makes sure to provide you with expert profiles to attend to all your company’s needs.

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Types of services we deliver at DigitalCook Avignon, your distinguished IT service


DigitalCook Avignon is an IT service provider that assists you with various services. Our IT

services include:

Network Setup
Your IT service provider DigitalCook Avignon offers network setup services. Our network engineers are at your disposal to set up and manage your network in an efficient and structured way.

Network Security
Cybersecurity is a concern not to be taken lightly for all organizations. DigitalCook Avignon makes sure to keep your network secure and safe from all potential threats.

VOIP Service
At DigitalCook Avignon, we provide you with VOIP services (Voice over Internet Protocol). This protocol enables your company to have a reliable communication system. You can count on your IT service provider DigitalCook Avignon for all your voice over internet communications.

Database Management
A database is a collection of data of an organization. Database Management consists in organizing, storing and retrieving data from a computer. At your IT service provider DigitalCook Avignon, we have professionals ready to assist you with accessing and monitoring data
operations and security throughout the lifecycle of the data. You can be positive that all your company’s information, such as customers and sales information, is secure.

Data Storage
DigitalCook Avignon offers a platform for your company to store all your data. This service is provided through a cloud platform or on-premises storage option at your convenience for system backups or additional storage.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing provides visitors with access to different remote IT services through cloud platforms. These services can be servers, databases, storage and many more. This feature is delivered through Internet. At DigitalCook Avignon, we provide you with cloud platform
services to assist you with all your IT cloud operations.

Software Support
Our IT service provider is available to assist you if you are in need of technical fixes. At DigitalCook Avignon, we help you deal with any type of software; from databases or spreadsheets to multimedia, DigitalCook is here to assist you with all your software management operations.

Computer Repair
DigitalCook is a reliable IT service provider that offers repair services for companies in Avignon. Our technicians are ready to help you with any type of IT troubleshooting or computer repair. At DigitalCook Avignon, we make sure to provide you with any IT services you could need, including computer maintenance or repair. Therefore, you can be certain to accomplish all your company’s tasks without any delays or obstacles.

Our skilled professionals at DigitalCook, Avignon

DigitalCook Avignon, your IT service provider makes sure that you are supplied with the best profiles to accomplish your IT support and maintenance requests. Our skilled professionals are at your service to ensure all your enterprise’s operations run smoothly and without any risks or impediments. Entrust your IT services to Digital Cook Avignon, to guarantee your organization’s progress is fast-growing and uninterrupted. Among the profiles we have at DigitalCook Avignon:

IT technicians
IT technicians can assist you with installation of any hardware as well as its maintenance. DigitalCook’s IT technicians also help you with the installation, configuration and management of software and their adequate functions. Our IT technicians help you develop and maintain local networks as well as ensure security of your networks and computer systems.

IT support and maintenance professionals
Our IT support and maintenance professionals can assist you with monitoring and maintaining your company’s computer systems and networks. Our IT support and maintenance professionals make sure to respond in a timely manner to any concerns you have such as service issues or requests. You can count on our IT support and maintenance professionals to provide you with technical support whether it is in person or remotely (e.g. over the phone).
DigitalCook’s IT support and maintenance professionals help you out even with the smallest details, such as setting up accounts for your new users. Our It support and maintenance professionals make sure to replace equipment and components when necessary, they also test new technology and implement it into your company’s system.

IT engineers
Our engineers are available to help you design and install your computer hardware configurations. They will also make sure to install software and networking systems and troubleshoot network and software issues. You can rely on our IT Engineers to make
sure your system is safe and secure by installing high-level security systems. Our IT engineers are ready to help you with any issues you may encounter when it comes to hardware, software or networking. In addition, they will respond to General IT requests and ensure that your security software is up-to-date

DigitalCook provider for IT services in the vibrant city of Avignon

Famous for its medieval monuments and rich history, the city of Avignon has become a great destination for tourists and professionals alike. Situated at approximatively three hours south of Paris, Avignon holds a strategic location for business enthusiasts. In addition, Avignon has become a major center for tourism thanks to the annual Festival d’Avignon and its magnificent Palais des Papes. Being one of the largest medieval Gothic buildings in the world, the palais des Papes’s vast area is used by international artists for exhibitions throughout the year. The famous bridge or the Pont Saint-Bénézet, which dates back to the 12th century, is a one of Avignon’s most visited sights. It only reaches half-way across the Rhône river because of a river flood that happened in the 17th century. It is safe to say that the city of Avignon is a city abundant with history and culture. In fact, many international conferences are held in the International Congress Center in Avignon. The congress center of the city of Avignon was created in 1976, as part of the monumental setting of the Palais des Papes. To this day, it hosts a large number of events.

Avignon was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, European City of Culture in the year 2000 and Capital of the Côtes du Rhône. For these reasons, DigitalCook has decided to be an IT service provider in Avignon.

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