IT support services

IT support services: we help businesses focus on business

Digitalcook provides IT support to all types of IT-related issues.

Our main goal is to make sure that our customers’ IT-related functions are working seamlessly.

Every business needs support for its technology.

We give your business a single point of contact (SPOC) to ensure your technical issues are addressed quickly and effectively so your business can continue to operate.

Digitalcook helps its partners implement and manage their technology needs.

We develop, maintain, and support infrastructure and application.

Our IT Support Services cover:

All cites in France 24/7

On-site and remote support

Bilingual helpdesk support

Managed It Service Level Agreements

Expertise from senior specialists

Are you a company looking for experienced profiles?

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The uniqueness of Digitalcook’s IT Support Services

If you are looking to outsource an IT support team, then Digitalcook will offer you the best IT services and the personalized IT support to your different needs and demands.

Our services include a wide range of IT tasks to help you increase business productivity.

IT support can keep your business competitive and It can save you money over time and streamline your goals.

Below is a list of important reasons why your company needs a reliable and proficient IT support staff like our team in Digitalcook.

Embrace digitalization to Advance Company Goals

Digitalization is gaining importance with time. Modern companies aim to follow the new technology advancements suited to their business.

An IT support team is essential to maximize companies’ potential by bringing newer technologies to the fore.

Outsourcing Digitalcook’s IT support specialists will help you keep a competitive place in the market by relying on our team that will take your company to the next level.

Save Money and Time

Hiring an IT Support team is definitely an investment.
With Digitalcook support, you will not have to worry about costly repairs and software investments and you will pay a rate that should be flexible with your budget.

We exist in all the cities in France and we are ready to offer support 24/7

Our IT support services cover all cities in France. No matter where your company is situated in France, we can support you onsite or remotely 24/7 .

Request for service (RFS)

For all RFS (request for service) assignments, we ensure that you are well supported and you benefit from our dedicated PM (project management) function.

We take care of onboarding, training, maintaining competency and ensuring a smooth transition at the end of the project.

Our project and service delivery managers will work closely with your concerned team to create visibility and insight, always looking to improve the way things are done.

Expand Clients base

With our IT support team, we help you provide your clients with a quality service.
For we believe that nothing compromises a customer relationship more than a technology that is notup to standard.

With our support services, you will ensure that your clients are receiving the service they require and expect.

With our IT support team assistance, your business will increase its customer service ratings and consequently expand its base.

Enhance your company’s data security

Data security is primary for all businesses. It is essential to support your company data with reliable backup systems and cybersecurity.

Our technology support team will guarantee your company’s data security and safeguard your business against cyber-attacks.

If any data is lost for any reason, our support team will create a recovery system in place to retrieve lost files and maintain the technological integrity of your business.

Reach your company’s target and maximize its efficiency

Technology is very important nowadays. It can lead to business efficiency and also harm its productivity due to consistent issues, bugs, and confusions.

With our dedicated support team, we guide you and show you how to use technology for what it’s designed to do in order to reach your company targets and identify your areas for expansion more quickly.

Investing in IT support, is investing in a highly efficient service that strives to give
you the best return possible.

Types of IT support we offer

Managed IT Service

Managed IT services is outsourcing IT functions to a managed service provider (MSP) in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

There are three types of Managed IT services :

● Low Level –we help you with some of the most fundamental IT tasks.
● Mid Level –we provide you with basic IT support solutions along with more
complex technical services.
● High Level- higher support for your network, data analytics, and more.

Help Desk Service

Digitalcook provides support to any issues or problems your company is facing.
Our team of IT specialists can help you resolve any issues 24/7.

Our professional are bilingual and they can respond to all of your requests wherever your company is operating

Cloud Services

Digitalcook helps your employees access your software, data and applications from anywhere and at any time in an easy and fast way.

With our cloud computing solutions, all your data can be stored in a secure way.

Thanks to our cloud disaster service, we ensure the fast retrieval of any lost data or information and prompt system recovery.

On-Demand IT Support

Digitalcook provides you with on-demand technical support whenever your company encounters an unexpected IT issue.

Some of our clients who do not want to commit to long-duration packages, prefer to invest in on-demand IT support.

As such, they can pay for each individual service instead of paying a fixed monthly fee.

Aside from its convenience, On-demand IT support also provides companies with immediate support whenever an issue arises.

Our On-Demand IT Services give you:

● Remote and onsite support .
● Flexible and rapid service .
● Cost effective .
● Proficient troubleshooting service .

IT Support: Break/ Fix Services

As the name indicated, break/fix IT services interact with our clients business when IT problems arise.

We send a professional IT specialist onsite to your location to determine system issues, and then provide on-premise resolution.

Break/fix servicing means our clients get the IT services they needs only when the problem strike.

Break/fix technicians charge by the hour.
They may also charge for post-servicing consultation or tools and parts needed to fix a software or a hardware problem.

Common situations where break/fix services are required include :

● Network repairing .
● Hardware upgrades/ installation .
● Peripheral installation .
● Initiating new privacy software .

We understand the frustration of our clients when computers fail and productivity fall through.

Our proactive team of IT specialists are well trained to stop issues before they result in downtime.

You will get a trusted team of professional technicians to monitor your IT infrastructure who will be ready to intervene 24/7, onsite or remotely.

Our IT Support technicians: assisting you is our aim

In the purpose of helping users and maintaining optimal system performance, our IT support technicians perform various tasks.

Duties and responsibilities

They are responsible for the maintenance of their employer's IT systems and networks.

They also assist network users in operating relevant devices and applications by answering any questions that may come up.

They take care of both technical work and customer service.

IT support technicians can work directly for software and hardware companies, or they can work in a company's specific IT department.

Their working hours depend on the workplace that they are employed in.

Our IT support technicians can offer their services in basically all the industries.

For example, technicians that work for an enterprise usually have regular office

However, those who work for software companies as part of a call center can cover any shift in a 24-hour period.

Allocation and maintenance of IT equipment

IT support technicians are responsible for configuring all hardware and making sure it’s connected to the network.

It is the responsibility of the IT support technician to provide this equipment.
They are also responsible for diagnosing and repairing it if it is not functioning properly.

In many companies, employees are given devices such as laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

Diagnose hardware and software problems

In case there is a problem, IT support technicians are in charge of finding primary solutions.

They are responsible for making an initial diagnosis of the problem and
documenting the results.

Afterwards, they develop and execute a strategy to solve the problem.

Maintaining IT inventory

The process of maintaining a network involves keeping meticulous records of the life span of every machine on that network.

Older machines are more susceptible to hardware issues and may require more frequent maintenance.

IT support technicians keep track of these records and perform these maintenance routines on a regular basis.

Examine and resolve IT support requests

As we have previously mentioned, IT support technicians also have customer
service among their responsibilities.

In fact, IT support technicians are the “face” of the helpdesk service.
If someone from another department needs assistance with IT, the IT support
technicians answer the call.

This mission requires patience and great communication skills.

Prioritize and escalate issues when necessary

Some issues are more urgent than others.

It is IT support technicians’ duty to prioritize problems based on their severity and urgency.

There might be issues that the IT support technicians would not have the expertise to resolve.
In that case, they would refer them to the IT supervisor.

Different companies have slightly different protocols for this process.

Our IT Support Technicians’ versatile Skills

In order to perform their hybrid roles in an efficient way, IT support technicians need to have a unique combination of technical IT skills and general service-based skills.

Competent IT support technicians are well-organized professionals that can multi- task as well as work in a fast-paced environment.

To be successful in their progressive work environment, Our IT support technicians have the time management skills to prioritize tasks based on their importance.

Their analytical skills help them ask the right questions in order to diagnose hardware and software issues and therefore repair them quickly and efficiently.