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Keep your Business Protected with DigitalCook IT Security Management Rouen

DigitalCook is an IT company specialized in IT security Management Rouen, IT support and management. We provide or clients with a variety of services to help them run their business more efficiently.

One of our company’s main focuses is IT security, where we assist our clients in preserving their information confidentiality and integrity management. Our Security Technicians will provide you with various tools to secure your assets and servers against cyberattacks or data loss.

Many companies are increasing their online activities, which increases the risk of security theft. Therefore, DigitalCook Rouen grants you IT security services with the latest technologies and tools to defy any kind of threat that may risk your sensitive data. DigitalCook Rouen base IT security management on ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 models on information security with ongoing upgrades that follow international standards.

Nowadays, business owners create a massive amount of information concerning their behavioral analytics, activities, and customers. Some of these data belong to people and include sensitive information like payment data, credit cards, and personal information.

DigitalCook Rouen understands the increase of cyber-attacks and data breaches, which requires continuous tracking and development. We will protect your information assets, including strategic documentation, service information, intellectual property, trade secrets, project documentation, and employee data.

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DigitalCook Objectives in IT security Management

DigitalCook Rouen will assure your data confidentiality and integrity. We present you three main objectives when it comes to our IT security management:

Confidentiality: DigitalCook Rouen considers privacy and confidentiality a cornerstone in IT security management. Our team will make sure that only authorized personnel will have access to your data. Data has different values according to how sensitive they are and what kind of risk they may face.
Therefore, DigitalCook Rouen will categorize your data assets and take specific procedures based on these assets’ sensitivity.

Integrity: Data integrity refers to its consistency and accuracy throughout its life cycle. Our team In DigitalCook Rouen will ensure that your data are properly saved and preserved against loss or unauthorized modification. We can apply various tools such as user access controls and chek sums to maintain your data security.

Availability: IT security management covers more than protecting and saving data. Our technicians will enhance your data availability and will grant you rapid and accurate access to your data when needed. DigitalCook Roen offers services such as; hardware maintenance, upgrades, and implementing disaster recovery processes in cyber-attacks.

Six Pillars for IT Security Management by DigitalCook Rouen

DigitalCook Rouen presents six pillars to their IT security management. These pillars build our service and maintain their quality regardless of the type of business you run:

Information Security Controls:

These are the various tools used by IT security technicians in DigitalCook Rouen to minimize and avoid information security risks such as data thefts, breaches, or loss. To protect your data integration, confidentiality, and availability, we present you with reliable methods to protect, prevent or correct your security management. DigitalCook Rouen offers physical controls, Access controls, and compliance control.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance:

Deciding on the right IT security management requires analytical structure and planning. DigitalCook Rouen offers governance services where experts tackle IT operations and security strategies. We also align governance with risk management to defy potential threats to your business performance. As an essential part of IT security management, DigitalCook Rouen covers all applicable requirements such as strategies and policies to minimize risks.

Cyber Security Audit Management:

It is the different policies taken as a checklist to assure valid cybersecurity procedures. DigitalCook Rouen will start with establishing security standards, enforce regulations, and determine security status.

Security Program Management:

This pillar aims at providing a set of cybersecurity programs. DigitalCook Rouen offers procedural guidelines that guarantee the integration, availability, and confidentiality of your IT performance. Our team is glad to assist you with efficient security program management alongside other services.

Third-party Management:

DigitalCook in Rouen will help you evaluate third-party security. As a business, you must conduct relations with third parties, vendors, suppliers, and partners. Our job is to assure a secured connection to avoid risks and threats against your IT activities.

Strategic Planning:

DigitalCook Rouen empowers you with a solid strategic plan to ease your online activities. Your business will be fully aware of different outcomes concerning accepting or avoiding certain activities and cyber threat management.

DigitalCook Rouen ISM team: Rapid, Present, and Efficient

DigitalCook Rouen is ready around the clock to provide you with the service you need.
IT security management requires rapid and efficient actions to avoid or minimize the loss. Our team will investigate, detect and supervise your IT security and protect assets such as brand integrity, business system, and intellectual property. Our team will operate as a security operation center to assist you against cyberattacks. DigitalCook Rouen’s primer aim is the proliferation of risks and threats before they occur.

DigitalCook in Rouen: A Team of Experts at your Service

Rouen is the capital of the region of Normandy. It is an ancient city with great history, especially during the medieval era. Rouen is twinned with several political entities and cities such as the UN 1963, Ohio, United States, since 2008, United Kingdom, since 1959, and other cities.

DigitalCook launched its activities in Rouen, considering the historical value of the city’s current economic and geographic weight. Rouen is only one hour away from Paris, La Défense, and Lyon, and it lays down in the center of the Seine corridor, which makes it close to vital parts of the country and an attractive center for start-ups.

DigitalCook noticed the mosaic structure of the city and understood the rich fabric it obtains. Rouen attracts various fields such as Handicraft – Biotechnologies/Health – Trade – Industry (Aeronautics – Automobile – Food-processing – Pharmaceutical – Chemistry – Construction) – Logistics – Digital – Port and Tertiary Sectors – Tourism and many other areas. Therefore DigitalCook in Rouen considered the various needs of business owners in the city and launched a highly qualifies IT security management service.

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