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IT Cloud Strasbourg: an easy way to manage your IT activities with DigitalCook

IT Cloud Strasbourg is one of the services provided by the DigitalCook Strasbourg team. We are ready to assist you through different services such as data storage, databases, networking, and software. IT cloud with DigitalCook Strasbourg allows you to save and protect your files on a remote database with total accuracy and security. All you need is a computer device and an internet connection to benefit from the IT cloud with DC Strasbourg.

If you are a business owner, our team will help your IT performance be productive, fast, efficient, and secure. With the IT cloud, you can find all your data in a virtual space. Therefore, you no longer need hardware disks to save your data. In other words, the DigitalCook Strasbourg IT cloud will give you the freedom of accessing your data wherever you are and resuming your IT activities from any connected device. We offer you rapid and affordable access to your IT resources without the need for specific infrastructure or hardware to carry around.

Our IT cloud services are managed through IT computing; hence, they include servers, storage, analytics, and intelligence. DigitalCook Strasbourg offers you a substitute for physical data centers and servers.

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Types of Cloud Computing

DigitalCook Strasbourg offers four types of IT Cloud services. Our team will help you decide which type does your business need to achieve a better result.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

The first type of Cloud computing is Software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is an efficient means to deliver software applications over the Internet. DigitalCook Strasbourg is ready to help you obtain specific software per your request. This service provides a full set of features such as underlying infrastructure, handling maintenance, upgrades, and security. You will be able to reach out to your software with a web browser and from any device (phone, tablet, or PC) connected to the Internet.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

The second type of cloud computing is Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). It is one of the essential IT cloud services. Obtaining this service allows you to access data storage, both virtual and hardware computers’ which empower you with a high level of flexibility and management over your IT resources. With the DigitalCook Strasbourg IT cloud service, you no longer need to obtain expensive software or servers.

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

The third service provided by DegitalCook Strasbourg is Platform-as-a-service. It is mainly an online platform and a web-based environment where developers can create software and cloud apps. Although it shares some characteristics with (SaaS), (Paas) is a complicated service that allows users to benefit from the operating system and programming language. One of the main benefits of Paas is that it frees you from maintaining underlying elements after creating software applications.

Serverless computing

The final layer of IT cloud service is Serverless computing. This service overlaps with PaaSin, which helps developers build the app without worrying about the servers and infrastructure required. In other words, it helps business owners with setup, capacity planning, and server management. It is worth noting that Serverless architectures highly scalable and event-driven.

The four layers of SaaS, IaaS, Paas, and Serverless computing are essential layers for IT cloud services. DigitalCook will help you obtain one or more services to enhance your work pattern and get easy methods.

Top 5 Benefits for IT Cloud

Agility: Cloud computing gives you access to a wide range of technologies. With these tools, you are about to discover a whole world of innovation.

Elasticity: With IT cloud services, you no longer have to worry about over-provision resources. You will preserve the exact amount of resources. You can either scale them or shrink capacity according to your business.

Cost savings: Cloud computing allows you to cut the cost of expensive IT services. You would only pay for IT per your consumption. Moreover, many IT cloud services are cheaper than regular It service.

Deploy globally in minutes: Cloud Computing allows you to widen the range of your activities on a global scale. With just a few clicks, you can share your applications worldwide and allow your customers to experience high-quality services.

Security: DigitalCook team will assure your data safety with cloud computing. All your data, apps, and information are save from any potential threats with an IT cloud security system.

DigitalCook: your IT cloud provider in Strasbourg

DigitalCook has launched many services of Strasbourg as a prosperous city with domestic and international influence. The city is located in a very strategic location alongside the German-French borders, making it a passage for one of the largest European markets.

It is worth noting that the city of Strasbourg is not an economic center. Still, a diplomatic capital with three European institutions has set up its headquarters there, making it a center of attraction. Moreover, it is a high-developed scientific and academic center, making it on the edge of innovation.

Various business branches are investing in Strasbourg (industry, crafts, commerce, healthcare, tourism, digital industry, logistics, and others), making it a strategic location for DigitalCook Strasbourg Service, especially IT cloud services. Strasbourg is an excellent city for entrepreneurs. Therefore, DigitalCook Strasbourg is ready to assist business owners and organizations that require IT cloud service.

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